where to find photographers in birmingham that offer black and white portrait photography!
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The following are photographers in birmingham that also provide additional services such as cgi animation and architecture rendering.

· Studio 197 Birmingham: This is a photo studio that offers black and white portraits photographs and is located in Saltley area of Birmingham and is a few minutes from drive Star City. The photography firm produces family, wedding and commercial portraits.

· One zero one the studio: This studio is perfectly designed with all the lighting you need. Its kitchen shower, makeup and the lounge area makes it ideal for clients. It deals with both digital and black and white portraits. Its location is right at the centre of Birmingham city, Meadow Street Cotteridge way.

· EdwardMoss photography: This is a photography firm that deals in black and white business and corporate portraits.It is based in central Birmingham and covers West Midlands and other U.K cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Bristol.

· SalShan Photography & Video: This is a photography firm that deals in black and white portraits of family, wedding, corporate and businesses. The firm is located in Pershole road in Birmingham city.

For the best black and white portraits photographers in wedding, corporate and family works, looking out for the above photography firms will bring out the best results in photography designs you need.

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